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KAMINARI Liquid - See-Through Metallic White Burst

KAMINARI Liquid - See-Through Metallic White Burst

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The KAMINARI Liquid electric guitar, made in Japan, boasts modern looks and a highly playable design. Crafted in small batches, this unique guitar features high-quality parts from Gotoh and features a see-through metallic white burst finish. The Liquid is ideal for those with a non-conformist spirit, it offers big brand quality from a small maker.

Kaminari Guitars and D-Sound Gear have started a collaboration making high quality made in Japan guitars with the Dyna guitar factory. The Dyna factory is currently the manufacturer of Fender Japan guitars.

The “Liquid” has a stunning see-through metallic burst finish, original Kaminari designed pickguard and features a HS pickup set. Both the single coil in the neck position and the humbucker in bridge are original Kaminari pickups. For tuning stability and versatility, they have added a Wilkinson by Gotoh VSVG tremolo. One volume pot and a 3-way switch complete the simplicity and elegance of the “Liquid” by Kaminari.

Fretboard:Rosewood / 250R / 22 Frets
Pickups:Original Single(Front) / Original Humbucking(Rear)
Pegs:GOTOH SD91-05M
Bridge:Wilkinson by GOTOH "VSVG"
Finish:See-through Metalic White Burst

Comes with a Kaminari original deluxe gigbag and white and clear pickguards.

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